We improve all aspects of the value chain for personal protective products

By giving hospitals direct access to PPE manufacturing, VIVIT Supply delivers the right amount of product when you need it.
And we deliver with full transparency directly to warehouse facilities in the healthcare community.


Our Goal

VIVIT Supply Examination Gloves

Our goal

Supply Reliability

PPE Product availability and security of supply is non-negotiable.

Our bulk purchasing direct procurement model provides customers supply chain visibility and dedicated inventory. In addition, our VIVIT Guaranteed Supply Program provides a local dedicated safety stock to draw from in times of need.


Our method

VIVIT Supply Facemasks

Our method

factory direct

Connecting manufacturing direct to customers.

VIVIT Supply’s streamlined supply chain ensures that our PPE products are delivered directly to our customers, driving industry leading pricing and reliability.


our promise

Medical Staff Wearing VIVIT Supply Facemasks

Our Promise

Committed to Transparency

Know where your product is and when it will arrive.

We know you need clear information so you can plan for your hospital’s needs. Streamlining your supply chain means straightforward answers and easier access to information.



Medical Professional Wearing VIVIT Supply PPE

Our Passion

Clinician comfort & protection

Clinician comfort and protection is at the heart of our PPE product designs.

Our high-quality comprehensive product offering delivers an exceptional clinical experience, keeping staff safe without sacrificing comfort.

A radical
solution for a changing world

We've been here a long time. We know the industry problems Inside and out.

The pandemic highlighted for all of us that some things we thought worked simply broke down when challenged. Looking to the future we all need to do things differently and VIVIT Supply’s procurement solution means doing better and embracing the supply chain of the future.

Change can be hard, especially in healthcare. But learning from the past and forging a new way forward is what will make all the difference the next time supply chains are stressed.

VIVIT Supply Warehouse Facility

Our Customers love us

During the COVID-19 pandemic VIVIT Supply proudly maintained delivery to it's existing customer base, without selling to brokers or 3rd party distributors, ensuring PPE got to hospitals where it was needed most. Consistency of supply is one of the main reasons our customers love us!

Jackie Forman

UNC Health

VIVIT Supply’s Factory-Direct Procurement is unique and our Guaranteed Supply Program provides a local dedicated safety stock to draw from in times of need.

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