Designed to ensure clinicians are protected and comfortable.

VIVIT Supply face masks are designed to meet clinical needs, plain and simple. Rigorously tested to the ASTM F2100 Standards, VIVIT Supply’s face masks improve clinician experience through industry-leading comfort and innovation.


The duckbill style keeps materials away from the nose and mouth, bringing a lighter and more breathable feel to the mask. It also reduces irritation for those with skin sensitivities.

Sensitive Skin

Masks are a very personal product and the skin around the nose and mouth can be delicate. Sensitive skin options cut back on colors and use premium materials to provide a gentle clinical experience.

ASTM F2100 Protection Levels

ASTM F2100 is the gold standard for medical face masks globally. Every scenario is different - we provide masks at all protection levels so you can choose what is right for you.

Attached Visor

Protecting the eyes is just as important as protecting the nose and mouth. Our attached visors come with anti-fog properties and are designed to cut down on any glare for ultimate protection and optical clarity.

Tie Masks

Ties provide a tailored mask fit for almost any face shape & size. Primarily used in the operating room, our tie materials are soft with just the right amount of stretch to move with you while allowing for easy doffing.

Earloop Masks

Quick donning and doffing make earloop masks a go-to option for almost all hospital units. Our soft, stretchy, and round loops lead the way in providing a comfortable fit.

Anti-Fog Features

Whether it’s foam, skin-safe adhesive or film, anti-fog features can reduce eyewear fogging and even increase comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our products and process? We have the answers.

How long is my mask effective?

There is no definitive timeline for how long masks can be worn. There are various factors that impact a mask's efficacy such as humidity levels, respiration rate, nasal discharge, etc. As a general rule, a new mask should be worn for each patient procedure or visit. Masks also need to be replaced once soiled or wet and should not be removed then re-donned. A mask's filtration efficiency and protective abilities become compromised if the mask is soiled, wet, torn or dislodged. If the mask begins to feel overly humid and/or the user finds it difficult to breathe through, the mask should be replaced.

What tests or standards do masks follow to ensure they are safe?

The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an international standards organization that develops the technical standards for a range of materials, products, systems, and services. The ASTM F2100 guidelines pertain specifically to the performance of medical face masks and are generally accepted as the industry standard in North America.

Can masks be worn in or around MRI machines?

VIVIT Supply masks have not been tested for safe use around MRI machines and therefore, we do not recommend our masks be used in this area.

How do I properly wear a mask?

The metal nosepiece is placed at the top of the mask. The colored side will face outwards or away from the skin, with pleats falling downwards. Once the mask is on, both the nose and mouth should be completely covered, with the bottom edge of the mask pulled beneath the chin. Form the nosepiece along the nose and cheekbones to ensure a secure fit.


ASTM F2100 Requirements


level 1

level 2

level 3





∆P (mmH20/cm2)



80 mmHg
120 mmHg
160 mmHg



AAMI PB70:2021 Requirements


level 1

level 2

level 3

Spray Impact


Hydrostatic Pressure


ASTM D6319

Physical Properties



Finger: 0.05mm min.
Finger: 0.05mm min.


230mm min.


Before aging: 500%
After aging: 400%

Tensile Strength

Before aging: 14 MPa
After aging: 14 MPa

Water Leak

AQL: 2.5 min

Powder Residue


viral penetration



ASTM D6978

Chemotherapy Drug Permeation

Details for drugs tested are available upon request


Permeation Resistance of Chemical Protective Clothing

Details for chemicals tested are available upon request

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