VIVIT Supply was created to solve problems.

Just In Time delivery, distributor consolidation, and giving emergency stock control to distributors are just a few examples of areas that simply failed hospitals when supply chains were stressed during the pandemic.

VIVIT Supply improves the value chain by addressing these issues through our innovative bulk purchase direct supply model. Combined with our Guaranteed Supply Program this creates the most reliable and resilient supply chain possible.

our values

Transparency, Efficiency, Reliability

VIVIT product boxes stacked together

Our values are what drove us to create VIVIT Supply and they continue to guide every decision we make.

Getting timely access to accurate information was a huge challenge during the pandemic and the negative impact this has on a hospital’s ability to plan can’t be overstated. This is why we value transparency so highly. Transparency with our customers and supplier partners is critical, especially during challenging times.

At VIVIT Supply we hate waste and do everything we can to reduce it. Whether this comes in the form of green initiatives, design innovations to reduce materials or removing unnecessary parts of the value chain, all of this is stems from striving for efficiency. Ultimately, VIVIT Supply was founded around this concept; more efficient supply chains can be stronger and more cost effective.

Partnerships thrive only when there is commitment to following through on what is promised. Reliability in a supply chain ultimately comes down to these partnerships and creating a reliable supply chain will always be central to VIVIT Supply’s purpose. You’ll see this value ripple through all of out interactions, especially when times are tough.

our edge

Decades of Industry Experience

Raw fabric being pulled through a machine.

Healthcare is a complex industry and we know it INSIDE and out.

With decades of industry experience at the executive level, our VIVIT Supply team brings unparalleled understanding of the challenges facing healthcare and the realities of trying to do things differently. Complimenting this with over 30 years of manufacturing experience behind our product designs means our innovative solutions are grounded in solid experience and a deep understanding of the issues faced by hospitals.

By the numbers

VIVIT Supply provides a new way of doing things but with a deep understanding of the challenges and realities hospitals face.


VIVIT Supply’s executive team brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.


Manufacturing experience runs deep at VIVIT Supply with over 30 years of experience making high quality, clinically preferred PPE.

Our high-quality comprehensive product offering delivers an exceptional clinical experience, keeping staff safe without sacrificing comfort.

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