Designed for Quality & Comfort

Highest quality materials and industry leading product designs.

We are clinical to the core and know products need to be comfortable and protective to be truly exceptional. We strike this balance by vertically integrating or partnering with the best suppliers for all of our materials.

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Direct links to production facilities means design ideas from the clinical community go directly to manufacturing. That’s how we keep leading the industry in our designs and ensuring our products deliver exactly what clinicians need.

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Examination Gloves

Motion enhancing fit across our offering means you may forget you're wearing our nitrile exam gloves.

Low profile nitrile technology, motion enhancing fit, and a full range of sizes (XS-XL) provide ultimate protection without sacrificing dexterity and feel for general purpose use in most units. With our extended cuff options, all rated for use with the most common chemotherapy drugs, VIVIT gloves are also ideal for those high risk scenarios in specialized hospital units.

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Standard Cuff Length

Extended Cuff Length

Chemotherapy Drug Tested

Textured Fingertips

Tactile Sensitivity

Isolation, Chemotherapy & Cover Gowns

When it comes to gowns, VIVIT leads the way in design innovation that increases breathability and results in clinician comfort.

We’ve been leading the way in gown design for years and it shows in our line breadth. Our overhead style gowns make for easier donning and doffing than any other gown on the market. We also have more traditional gowns with a variety of coverage, protection, and material selections to cover the needs of almost any situation.

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Overhead Neck Closure

AAMI Protection Levels

Open Back

Thumbloop & Thumbloop with Elastic

Closed Back

ASTM-Rated Medical Face Masks

The right features to cover what you need, in designs that are comfortable and breathable, make our mask line exceptional.

We provide some of the best face masks in the world and we do it across all ASTM F2100 protection levels and product features. Whatever your needs are - masks with attached visors, anti-fog capabilities, sensitive skin options or duckbill styles - we’ve got your covered.

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Anti-Fog Features

ASTM F2100 Protection Levels


Earloop Masks

Attached Visor

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