Supply chain of the future;
Factory direct Procurement

Strength in simplicity; with less potential failure points comes a reliability during challenges.

Get quicker and easier access to information with a direct link into manufacturing and reduce costs by implementing an efficient and direct supply of critical PPE.


The Supply Chain of the Future

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Supplier Diversification

  • Multiple factory locations in North America, China, and South East Asia
  • Over 20 years PPE manufacturing experience
  • Dedicated production capacity
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  • Complete transparency
  • Direct communication with factory
  • Safety stock program


  • Lowest acquisition cost
  • Volume discounts
  • Credit terms
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  • Reduce labor costs
  • Streamlined logisitics
  • Direct factory relationships


Stronger and More Reliable Supply Chains

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Removing links from the chain brings more control and easier solutions.

Streamlining your supply chain brings with it less potential failure points along the way. VIVIT Supply’s unique value in providing a direct link between hospitals and manufacturing means your supply chain is simpler, yet stronger.

Our Promise

Commitment to Transparency

Group of doctors huddled around a computer discussing.

Know where your product is and when it will get to you.

VIVIT Supply has a unique understanding of the knock on effect of slow information on hospitals; that’s why we’re committed to providing accurate and fast information at all stages of our process so you can make the best decisions possible.

Peace of Mind

Guaranteed Supply Program

Supply Warehouse

The VIVIT Guaranteed Supply Program provides a local dedicated safety stock to draw from in times of need. Even with a streamlined, efficient, and reliable supply chain we know that a backup plan can help provide additional peace of mind. That’s why we developed the Guaranteed Supply Program for customers looking for that added layer of protection. We set up and manage local solutions that can act as emergency stock when needed. And because it’s set up using the most common products already used in your hospital, the risk of forgotten product is all but eliminated.

By the numbers

Supply chain represents the second largest cost hospitals face; only labor costs hospitals more.


In average line item savings. Our streamlined supply chain reduces reliance on expensive middle men, which means more money in your budget to improve patient care.

20% fewer

Average line items carried. Our built-in diversified and direct supply network allows hospitals to streamline products carried without reducing clinical choice.

We design, manufacture and deliver high quality medical personal protection equipment through a secure & diversified supply chain.

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