Designed for comfort, protection, and durability.

VIVIT Supply Medical Examination Gloves feature the latest technology, providing maximum comfort and dexterity. All products exceed ASTM standards including resistance to permeation by chemotherapy drugs and performance against viral penetration.

Chemical Permeation Resistance

Tested in accordance with ASTM F739, our gloves are rated for resistance against the most common chemicals encountered in healthcare settings to ensure clinician safety.

Tactile Sensitivity

Low-profile nitrile technology means you can feel confident in tactile sensitivity for intricate and precise tasks without compromising material strength.

Textured Fingertips

Full micro texturing and elevated fingertip texturing enhances grip in wet and dry conditions, especially when handling small instruments and tackling sensitive tasks.

Chemotherapy Drug Tested

Tested to ASTM D6978, our gloves are rated for use with most of the top chemotherapy drugs for clinician peace of mind when in higher risk scenarios.

Extended Cuff Length

Our extended cuff length of 12” is perfect for use when you need added protection and coverage from your glove.

Standard Cuff Length

Our standard cuff length of 9” is perfect for general purpose use and is a great fit for almost all hospital units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our products and process? We have the answers.

What protection do nitrile gloves offer?

VIVIT Supply’s nitrile examination gloves meet or exceed medical grade industry standards and are tested at specified quality gates throughout manufacturing to ensure compliance and quality consistency. Our nitrile gloves are tested for the following: Physical Properties (e.g. tensile strength, elasticity, water-tightness, etc.), Biocompatibility as per ISO 10993, Viral Penetration as per ASTM F1671, and Chemotherapy Drug Penetration as per ASTM D6978.

Are the gloves sterile or non-sterile?

VIVIT Supply gloves are non-sterile. Our facilities are ISO13485 certified and are held to the highest standards for cleanliness and quality.

How do I know if my glove fits properly?

Your glove should feel like a second skin, with a barely-there and comfortably fit during extended wear periods. If you notice hand fatiguing or resistance when trying to move your fingers, your glove may be too small. If your glove bunches at the palm or wrist, or if you have difficulty gripping objects, your glove may be too large.

What is the purpose of a medical examination glove?

Medical examination gloves aid in the prevention of cross-contamination between clinicians and patients during medical procedures. They can also provide a certain level of protection from certain chemotherapy drugs and chemicals. Please consult your VIVIT Supply representative for more information on which drugs and chemicals our gloves have been tested against.

How do I know when to change my gloves?

It is important to consult your facility for standard operating procedures, as these can be influenced by local and government regulations. As a general rule of thumb however, VIVIT recommends replacing your gloves under the following situations: between patient visits or procedures, if your gloves have become contaminated or soiled, if your gloves are torn or punctured, when moving from one contaminated work environment to another area that may be at a higher risk from cross-contamination, or every 20 minutes.

Are the gloves powder free and free of natural rubber latex?

Yes, all VIVIT Supply gloves are powder free and free of natural rubber latex. This makes VIVIT Supply gloves suitable for those who experience sensitivies from latex gloves without having to compromise tactile sensitivity and comfort.


ASTM F2100 Requirements


level 1

level 2

level 3





∆P (mmH20/cm2)



80 mmHg
120 mmHg
160 mmHg



AAMI PB70:2021 Requirements


level 1

level 2

level 3

Spray Impact


Hydrostatic Pressure


ASTM D6319

Physical Properties



Finger: 0.05mm min.
Finger: 0.05mm min.


230mm min.


Before aging: 500%
After aging: 400%

Tensile Strength

Before aging: 14 MPa
After aging: 14 MPa

Water Leak

AQL: 2.5 min

Powder Residue


viral penetration



ASTM D6978

Chemotherapy Drug Permeation

Details for drugs tested are available upon request


Permeation Resistance of Chemical Protective Clothing

Details for chemicals tested are available upon request

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