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Transparency through Data

How VIVIT Supply's Data and Trend Benchmarking Elevate Healthcare Procurement

At VIVIT Supply, we are committed to providing comprehensive data that enables healthcare systems to benchmark their purchasing decisions effectively. Our transparency extends beyond our own product line, offering a comparative analysis against competing products in the market. This approach empowers healthcare providers to make more informed procurement choices, even if it leads to the selection of an alternative vendor.

We're not just selling you products — we're also arming you with the knowledge to buy smarter, even if that means adjusting our prices or letting you choose a competitor.

In addition to price comparison, we offer valuable insights into emerging product trends that have implications for operational efficiency and patient safety. This layered approach to transparency helps our customers evolve and adapt, not just spend wisely.

steering Through Uncertainty

Transparency throughout the Supply Chain

VIVIT Supply's Transparent Approach to Supply Chain Management

At VIVIT Supply, our approach to supply chain management is one of complete transparency. We openly disclose our manufacturing locations and proactively inform you of any geopolitical or environmental factors that could impact supply continuity. Rather than simply asking for your trust, we demonstrate our reliability through built-in supply chain redundancies and real-time risk mitigation strategies.

Consider us your co-pilots in healthcare procurement giving you a "heads-up" before you hit turbulence and guiding you through it. We provide advance warnings of potential disruptions, allowing you to navigate challenges with confidence and assurance. Experience supply chain management redefined, the VIVIT way.

from raw to ready

Transparency through Open-door Manufacturing

Inviting You Inside VIVIT Supply's Transparent Manufacturing Process

When it comes to our manufacturing facilities, we have an open-door policy. We invite our customers to see the process, from raw materials to finished goods. This isn't just about saying "we have good practices" but showing it.

Whether the issue is quality control, ethical employment, or even better environmental practices, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.


Speak with our customer service and sales teams to learn more about our commitment to transparency and what it means for health care providers.

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